EMWS has been the second home to our children for the last 8 years. The teachers, environment, intra & inter school activities and the extended family of students has helped groom our children into confident, well rounded global citizens. We are proud that our 3 children are products of EMWS and have been selected by top rated universities that will catapult them into orbits of success through their focussed hard work and commitment. Our daughter, Roshni, joined in grade 7 and is now a Junior at Fordham University in NYC. Our son, Akhil, joined in grade 5 and is now a freshman at NYU, Stern Business school. We have our youngest son, Rohan, in grade 11 and look forward to a continued rock star experience for him!

Arun And Meenakshi Jaura 2005

We have/had three children at Ecole Mondiale for several years through the primary, middle and high school years and all three are extremely happy being at Ecole, which is a common theme at Ecole; the kids are happy. Ecole has and continues to provide our children with an environment where they can figure out their varied interests while pursuing an academically rigorous IB program. Ecole teachers truly distinguish themselves: they encourage kids to experiment, express themselves in and out of the classroom and the teachers take genuine interest in each and every child. For any motivated student, Ecole is a great place to learn, make lifelong friendships, and pursue and excel in extra-curricular interests be it in art, music, theatre, sports or community service. For students who want this balance throughout their school years, Ecole Mondiale is the best school in Mumbai.

Shujaat And Zeenath Khan Sana Khan, Class Of 2013, Pomona College, Class Of 2017, Saad Khan, Class Of 2015, Saif Khan, G5

My father believes that the person I have become is in the main due to my schooling at Ecole Mondiale. I credit that solely to the teachers and environment at Ecole.I grew with Ecole, I’ve seen the school go from strength to strength and me with it, and its been a journey that has given me so many things: clarity, aspiration, wisdom and support. Ecole isn’t just a school, it isn’t just my second home, its an institution that is profoundly dedicated to the sole purpose of encouraging students to achieve. In Ecole, we learn and thrive and excel through experiences that make us independent. I have been raised by Ecole almost as much as I have been raised by my parents, and my experiences with Ecole have molded me into a person that my parents and I am extremely proud of, moreover because it has paved for me a path that I know will take me places, and it has given me the confidence to take every step towards it.

Qwerty Class: V-A

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