What Sets Us Apart

Choosing The Right School For Your Child Is Tough

Ecole Mondiale World School offers a world-class IB education


Parents can rest assured that the education their child receive is of the highest standard. We believe that the best education in order to support the development of children into successful adults is an inquiry based education that prepares students to be independent learners, thinkers and problem solvers. We offer this education through the IB framework of programmes, which allow a student to move seamlessly through their primary and secondary education. A common language of learning is used throughout the programmes eg ‘global contexts’ and ‘Approaches to learning’. The IB programmes connect learning across the subject areas and place it in a real world context. As a mature IB World School we have been delighted to have hundreds of our graduating students placed in highly reputed universities both in India and many countries across the world.



Why settle for just one framework of the IB?

Your child deserves the continuity of an IB offering throughout their schooling.

The best part is that École Mondiale World School is one of the few schools in Mumbai that has an IB offering from Nursery to the Diploma.
The result is that your child gets a world recognised education for the duration of their schooling.




Safety and Security


Students attending Ecole Mondiale World School work in a very safe and secure environment  thus are able to concentrate on enjoying their learning. We know that the world outside school is not always a safe one so the school understands that the security of our students and staff must take highest priority, so that parents can have ease of mind.

We employ an excellent security company that works to strict protocols supported by CCTV cameras twenty four hours per day and all who wish to enter the school premises must provide identification. All members of our school community are issued with identity cards which must be worn at all times.


Bus Service


The school also provides a high quality bus services for those families wishing to make use of it. Apart from the driver all buses are supported by trained English speaking hostesses to ensure that all matters involved in getting your children to and from school are dealt with in the best possible manner. These hostesses are fully empowered to speak with parents keeping them informed regarding traffic delays etc. Additional to this, all buses are fitted with GPS so that the school always knows where our buses are located in real time.



World-class facilities.


The campus is fully airconditioned so that children enjoy a comfortable environment conducive to learning.

Classrooms and labs are fitted with computers, ipads, interactive whiteboards backed up with our whole campus wifi enabled. Students from grade 6 upwards are all expected to bring their own computers to school each day. EMWS also makes full use of cloud technology with the google suite and various other tools often used in education such as Managebac. All parents are given access to Managebac as a tool for communication.

Our campus supports two cafeterias where we work with a nutritionist to ensure all food is healthy and supports learning.


A campus life that your child will love



Highly trained Faculty

Teacher to pupil ratio is on average 1:6. The benefit is that students get individual attention.


Ecole Mondiale staff hires both outstanding international and local teaching staff, providing students with an outstanding range of subject and age group specialities. Our teaching staff are supported by a strong professional development programme ensuring our staff are at the forefront of educational practices.



World-class Communications.


Communicating frequently to our community is a core expectation of all at Ecole Mondiale. We continually update our technology resources and use Managebac as a core tool for communication.



ManageBac, an interactive programme, developed for the IB is used to communicate with parents on matters related to the academic programme.

We use Naviance, another software programme, to communicate with universities for electronically processing and monitoring by the universities. We also use it for internal communications. Naviance also enables our College Counsellor to liaise with parents and students on matters related to the programme, meetings, workshops, etc.

We also use email and SMS to communicate with parents.



What Next?




Our campus visits are a wonderful way to get a feel of what Ecole Mondiale is all about. You should come.



For Indian and International applicants we have an online application form with secure payment using credit and debit cards.




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