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Middle Years


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a five-year programme for students aged from 11 to 16. Students at this stage are in a critical phase of personal and intellectual development. This is a time of uncertainty, sensitivity, resistance and questioning. The International Baccalaureate has set up the Middle Years Programme to meet students` academic needs and also help students develop a personal value system to guide their own lives. The 3 fundamental concepts of MYP are holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication. The MYP provides a holistic international programme of study designed to meet the educational requirements of students aged 11-16. It is a broad-based curriculum framework which encourages students to question, evaluate and to think critically and independently. The programme offers an education that is skill based, challenging, creative and flexible and requires a great deal of discipline. It also fosters understanding among young people around the world. The programme involves a vigorous and thorough study of various disciplines, emphasizing interdisciplinary study. Concurrently, the MYP also respects the independence and integrity of each discipline as students prepare for further study in the various subjects.


Students undertake a course of study across eight subject areas :


IB MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME Language & Literature English
Grade 6 - 10 Language & Acquisition Hindi / French / Spanish
Subjects meet the requirements of the IB Middle Years Programme for which the school is authorized. Individuals & Societies History & Geography - Grade 6 to Grade 8,
History or Geography - Grade 9 to Grade 10
Mathematics Mathematics
  Sciences Co-ordinated Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  Arts Visual Arts / Drama / Music (Grade 6 to Grade 8)
Choose one from Art Group for Grade 9 & Grade 10
Design Digital Design & Product Design
  PHE. Physical & Health Education
  In Addition Personal Project in Grade 10
All Level After school Activities include sports, creative pursuits and community service.


Other significant elements of the MYP are:

MYP Service as Action
The MYP Service as Action Programme in Ecole Mondiale requires that students from every grade participants in C & S Activities. The school offers three kinds of opportunities: School initiated Service activity for each grade, MYP Unit Driven Service as Action in subjects and student self-initiated service activities.


MYP global contexts:

In our highly interconnected and rapidly changing world, IB MYP aims to develop international-mindedness through global contexts. The aim of the mentioned contexts is to enable explorations across the 8 subject areas.


MYP global context

  • Indentities and relationships
  • Orientation in space and time
  • Personal & curtural expression
  • Scientific and technical innovation
  • Glbalization and substainability
  • Fairness and development



Through approaches to learning (ATL) skills in the IB MYP, students develop skills that have relevance across the curriculum that help them “learn how to learn”. ATL skills can be taught and improved with practice. Students develop their understanding of how they learn best; thus developing a love for learning. The 5 sets of skills are:


  • Thinking skills
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Research skills


The 5 categories of ATL skills mentioned above are the same across all MYP subjects; however, each subject has a set of specific skills to contribute to the holistic process of learning. Moreover, ATL skills  provide a solid foundation for learning independently and with others. ATL skills provide a common language that students and teachers can use to articulate and reflect on the process of learning.

Each ATL skill category is elaborated below:

Thinking skills

Social Skills Communication Skills Self-management Skills Research Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Transfer
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Affective Skills
  • Reflection
  • Information literacy
  • Media literacy

The Personal Project

This is an independent piece of work intended as the culmination of the student’s studies in grade 10 or MYP Year 5. Students work with their supervisors to complete an individual and original piece of research. Students showcase their development of ATL skills, understanding of Global contexts and development of Learner Profile attributes through the Personal Project. 

MYP e-assessments for students of grade 10 or MYP Year 5:

As part of the educational opportunities here at Ecole Mondiale we are proud to offer the Grade 10 students the opportunity of sitting the optional IB MYP e-assessments. The IB MYP eAssessment is an exciting development that offers the students a unique assessment of their learning in a truly 21st century approach. E-Assessments are in two forms, some subjects have an on-screen exam and others have a submission of student-work through an ePortfolio. In May 2016 École (along with other leading schools around the world) successfully conducted the IB MYP e-assessments. The e-assessments are clearly the way that assessments will be conducted in the 21st century and we are proud to be part of this exciting IB initiative.

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