Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Fee Structure V (Applicable from March 1, 2014)

One-Time Fees
(Payable at the time of admission)

  Indian Residents /OCI & PIO CardHolders (Rs)


Brochure & Application Processing Fee(Non-refundable)

10,000 200

One time Admission Fee(Non-refundable)

3,00,000 7,500

Security Deposit(Refundable only at the time of leaving, non-interest bearing)

3,00,000 7,500


Annual Fees


Grade Indian Residents /OCI & PIO CardHolders (Rs)


PlaySchool / Nursery / KG – I / KG – II

6,90,000 16,000

Grade 1-10

9,90,000 23,000

Grade 11-12

10,90,000 26,000


The annual fees include:

  • Textbooks, including IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme textbooks
  • Basic exercise books
  • Three sets of essential uniforms
  • Two sports uniforms
  • Use of the school laboratories
  • Use of the school computer centers
  • Use of the school libraries
  • Use of the school swimming pool
  • Use of the school gymnasium
  • The cost of consumables in courses such as Art, Craft, Design Technology, Drama and Theatre etc.
  • Identity cards issued to students, parents and caretakers



1. School Bus Service (air-conditioned)

Rs. 1,25,000 per annum / Euros 2,500 per annum

2. Meals in the school dining hall

As actuals

3. Examination Fees (Grade 10 – IGCSE/MYP eAssessment & Grade 12 – IBDP)    

As actuals


Payment of Fees :


  1. The Admission Fee, Security Deposit and Annual Fee are payable in Indian Rupees/Euros, as applicable within 7 days of notification of admission.
  2. Fees once paid to the school will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  3. The Application Processing Fee can be paid online by credit card on the school website or by demand draft in favour of “Ecole Mondiale World School”.
  4. In case of the NRI, the Security Deposit has been paid in rupees (equivalent to the Euro rate) at the time of admission than the same amount in rupees will be refundable for the refundable portion whenever student is leaving the school.
  5. Ecole Mondiale World School reserves the right to revise the fee structure in the future.
  6. The Security Deposit is collected against damage to, or loss of, library books, laboratory equipment, computer facilities and other equipment or assets or sending courier on behalf of the student of the school. It will be refunded without interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on completion of the student’s studies at Ecole Mondiale World School.

Ecole Mondiale World School formulates regulations necessary for the smooth and effective functioning of the school. The school reserves the right to amend the regulations wherever and whenever considered necessary and appropriate. Therefore, this publication and the descriptions contained herein are not to be construed as a contract binding Ecole Mondiale World School to any specific policies. The information given in the brochure and application material is an indication of Ecole Mondiale World School’s plans on the date of publication of this document. The submission of an application for admission does not guarantee admission.


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