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Heart To Heroes

On Friday, 22nd February, we had a school-wide assembly to raise money for the families of the fallen Soldiers during Pulwama. This assembly was conducted by the head of the primary, Ms. Fiona Mayer who was able to make everyone from first graders to twelfth graders understand the importance of respecting our soldiers. This event truly touched my heart as seeing our entire school unite in a time of need to help others was beautiful.

Originally student council’s primary idea was called “Heart to Heart”, an initiative to raise awareness about children with heart issues. However, in light of the recent events that occurred in the Pulwama district in Kashmir, we announced at the assembly to transform our cause to “Heart to Heroes” and that we will be donating the funds we successful in raised to the families of the soldiers.

Before the assembly, we opened up the idea of donating 200 rupees to further support the families. We kept it a relatively low amount as many had already contributed on Valentines Day. However, when it was the students’ turns to give money, many of them contributed much more than they had to. This showed us that people truly care about others- they just need a medium to exhibit that care. The students in our school were considerate about the entire situation, and during our 2-minute silence, their empathy could be seen.

Our goal is to raise enough money to make an impact on the lives of the families and help them in this hard time in any way we can. Doing this helped us as a community to realise the impact of world affairs and realise how privileged we are, we are thankful for the soldiers who risk their lives everyday in order to protect us. Through this, we hope to give recognition to the soldiers to the level they deserve.


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