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The Sol’s Arc sports’ day is becoming a regular feature of our school calendar, as a group of grade 11 students, can choose to engage with it as part of their CAS. However, each year brings new students, a fresh approach and fresh challenges. And so it was this year, as École students worked over many weeks to establish relationships with the Sol’s Arc students in order to encourage and engage them in sporting activities.

An event such as Sol’s Arc is often appreciated for the day itself. Needless to say, the day was packed with action; marches, races, a show of strength, maneuvers over hurdles and others. All watched and appreciated by Sol’s Arc parents and teachers. Yet, it is the work behind the scenes, over the previous weeks and months that leaves the lasting impression. École students developing their skills of communication, time management and logistics planning. Sol’s Arc students developing their mental awareness and physical fitness and dexterity.

The day itself proved a rewarding one for all those involved. Whilst the Sol’s Arc students carried home their race trophies with pride, École students similarly carried home many skills learned and a new perspective on the lives of others.


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