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Leadership Camp 2019

A leader is somebody who has a vision, sets the direction and is able to build a connection. The Student Council of École Mondiale is a body of young leaders who have taken upon the challenging initiative to lead our team, the student community. As leaders, we aim to not just guide other students but also work to make the school a better place to study and enjoy as well as bring out the best in  every one of the students.

 The annual leadership camp, organised by the school is a very unique and memorable experience for the STUCO members that help develop our leadership. It also provides multiple opportunities from making friendships, experiencing new places and strengthen our collaboration with each other, which will be vital throughout this academic year as well as in the future. This year, STUCO visited Empower Activity Camp in Kolad, Maharashtra from the 10th to the 13th of January.

 The four-hour bus drive to Kolad was definitely worth it as we were given a warm welcome by the Empower team and Mr. Anil Bhasin, Managing Director, who made our stay at the camp comfortable and enjoyable. The cool weather, clean air and abundant  nature was a pleasant surprise and certainly a refreshing change from Mumbai. In the next three days, we engaged in various activities that required different skills, both individually and as a team.

 We did morning workouts, games involving critical thinking and collaboration, physical and sporting activities out of which the most memorable was trekking and White-Water rafting in Kundalika river. In these activities, us, students, had to strategise, manage time and ultimately carry out the task at hand successfully. We learnt how to find solutions quickly. We learnt how to work with people we aren’t familiar with in a short time. We learnt how dividing roles in group work would ultimately unite us. But most importantly, we assisted each other and worked as a team. One of the most unique things about leadership camp is that there are students of all age groups. Because of this, we learn how to identify each persons’ qualities and utilise them to the maximum. We learn to be              open-minded and to provide everyone with an equal opportunity and say in achieving the final goal.  We were also taught many life lessons as a reflection of the activities that we did not necessarily realise at the moment while doing the activity. However, they will prove to be very valuable for each one of us in the future.

 In addition to the activities, we also spent our free time getting to know each other and playing simple games while enjoying the    outdoors. The bonfire held on the last night was a very humbling and nice experience as we began by sharing our visions for the school and life in general and then ended the night with a talent show and dance. It showed me how despite having so many different paths in life, everyone was able to enjoy each others company and unite as a team.

 Going into the trip, most of us had many expectations. By the end of the trip, we were all certain that it had exceeded them           completely. This camp enabled us to experience a hectic schedule and rather a different lifestyle for a few days. It helped us strengthen our bonds with each other and make new friends too. It developed our collaboration, communication, thinking and time/self-management skills and it was the perfect combination of work and fun.

 As a STUCO member and leadership camp attendee for the third time, I can rightly say that this was an experience I will cherish, as always, and definitely look forward to in the coming years!

 Sonya Kakodkar

Vice House Captain for Falcon House




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