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World Scholar’s Cup

We the students of Grade 5 are sharing with you all our experiences at the World Scholar's Cup Regional, Mumbai Round 2019, which was held on the 14th-15th January. There were 4 main events, Scholar’s Bowl, Scholar’s Challenge, Team Debate and Collaborative Writing. There was a Scholar’s Show and Debate Showcase as well. The Scholar’s Cup (WSC for short) helped us enhance our skills at the same time we had a lot of fun, played with alpacas, did the Chauncey Roll (WSC celebration), played the alpaca balance challenge and a lot more.

 All the fifth graders who participated loved the event and specially the alpaca adoption, in which we adopted our own soft-toy       alpacas. “I loved that we could interact with students from other schools and develop are social skills,” Kavya Salkar 5A. “Apart from the studies it was fun and the experience was great,” Rania Shroff 5B. “This event was very balanced, we enjoyed the fun activities and traditions but at the same time it wasn’t easy doing the challenge.  This event taught us being awkward, nervous, lost and         unconfident is alright as we are learning and they encouraged us to work on our strength as they had multiple medals to give out to every child.” Zara Namjoshi 5A. “The event was both scary and exciting the perfect combination,” Aninditha Goel 5A.

As a outcome of all our hard work all of us Grade 5 students won a medal and qualified for  THE GLOBAL ROUND!

ON behalf of all the participants from grade five, a special thank you to  Ms. Shilpa, Ms.Fiona, Mr. Nick, our homeroom teachers and our parents for all the support!

 By, Zara Namjoshi, Aninditha Goel, Aliya Shetty Oza and Ziya Shah

 Note by the PYP coordinator

 The World’s scholar’s cup was an interesting journey; it started two months back with the selection of the teams to strategizing and planning for this herculean event. The student’s enthusiasm and the hard work were truly commendable. Their conscientiousness and diligence would also motivate me to take extra practice sessions with them. The World scholar’s cup is generally meant for the middle year students but this year we decided to bring it down to grade 5 and see if we could challenge them.

 During the rounds I was as apprehensive as their parents hoping and praying they all do well. They definitely proved to all of us  that age is no barrier if we are truly are inspired to achieve something. All the grade 5 teams who participated in the World Scholars will be going ahead for the next round held in Sydney.


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