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Making Connections With The Family

Making connections with the family!!!

Nursery students have been inquiring about ‘Personal interest and family relationships’ under the Transdisciplinary theme ‘Who we are’. In order to enhance student’s learning; encourage collaboration and parent’s involvement we had organized a ‘Sing along day’ with mothers and ‘Family dress up day’.

 Sing along day - Students were excited for this event and had selected variety of songs that they wanted to sing for their     mothers. Some of the songs that were sung in this session were; Open them shut them, Wheels on the bus, Where is daddy, When you happy and you know it etc. Students also had prepared a small token of appreciation for their mothers which they handed over to them at the end of the session. Mothers enthusiastically participated in the event, singing and dancing with their kids. It was a good occasion for the parents to get along and know each other.

 Family dress up day - As we are coming to the end of our unit, a family dress up day was organized. This dress up day was in  connection with our ongoing unit wherein students are learning about family relationships and the roles and responsibilities of different family members. Students dressed as their favourite family member; mummy, daddy, uncle, brother, babysitter and shared about that member, his/her role and responsibilities, likes etc. Students confidently presented themselves in front of their peers and teachers as well as listened to their friends. The IB learner profile of open mindedness and communicator was well portrayed by the students in this occasion.

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