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Someone once said, “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.” That’s where public speaking plays a major role, and we all need to enhance this skill within ourselves to inform, motivate and entertain an audience, ranging from little students to adults.


Saturday morning, to be working for teachers is not what many look forward to. But last Saturday was a treat for us teachers, as we were part of an interactive, fun-filled session with Sameera Khan. Sameera has been in the public speaking domain for over 10 years and believes that when you love what you do, it does not feel like work. She has an intense passion for her job and puts in all her energy, effort and wit to entertain the people before her. During our public         speaking session with her, Sameera was full of energy and got her audience hooked from the very beginning till the end of our session. Two hours flew by, and we teachers could have definitely sat there for another two hours, engrosses in her session. We were left asking for more.


During this session, teachers became learners, and further honed their public speaking skills by learning simple effects like voice modulation, focus on body language, use of appropriate words, internalizing content before delivery and understanding that way of dressing also goes a long way while addressing an audience. We took back many personal tips to further groom         ourselves.

 This session was made more interesting with entertaining role play, games and spontaneous presentations by the audience, that is our teachers. Our take away from this session, while greeting somebody, ‘A small pleasant talk goes a long way. Do not forget to  always flash your contagious smile.’


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