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Professional Development: Mathematics Workshop

 Professional Development: Mathematics Workshop

 On 21st September, a professional development programme was organized by the school for Early Years and Primary Years teachers on specialized Mathematics training to improve skillsets, professional knowledge, competency and overall effectiveness in the professional world of Mathematics.

 E K Shaji, the co-founder member of Jodo Gyan conducted the workshop along with his colleague Ms. Minal.Jodo Gyan is a non-profit social enterprise established to reach out to teachers and educators in the field of Mathematics. They are linked with schools concerned with providing quality education to students and enable them to embark on the path of inquiry based learning particularly in Mathematics.

 Innovative methods on different strands were introduced using Math manipulatives which created curiosity among teachers. It was  an interactive workshop where teachers actively participated in all the activities conducted by the  presentors. It was a full day session wherein the teachers were taken through the programme to enable them to teach Math differently and interestingly using stories, songs, colours and shapes. Collaborative activities were planned where teachers explored manipulatives and looked for alternative strategies with excitement.

We appreciate the efforts taken by school board for professional growth and development of teachers and we are looking forward to many more events like these.


Hamida Hooda

Grade 5 Homeroom Advisor and Math Coordinator


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