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Ending The Year With A Bang : Secondary Assembly

Well, this marks the conclusion of todays End of Year assembly. After sharing some memories of the year past and handing out some awards, it has surely ended on a high note. But this does not mark the end of our journey as lifelong learners we aspire to be, it is very much just the beginning. I remember standing up on this podium months ago, in front of all of you, nervous and afraid, not knowing what my future holds, then there were the various assessments and submissions, the long stressful nights, the unnecessary fights, the very necessary laughter, and the learning we had every single day this past year. Simply put the year has been tremendously long, and so I will try to keep this speech a little shorter. It has been a hard year for everyone present here today, a multitude of memories were made, various ups and downs as we took each step leading us to this assembly, we have had numerous successes and some failures too. The most important thing to remember is that it is not these successes that define us, it is our ability to make our       mistakes and definitely learn from them, the ability to change what was once a failure into a well-deserved success. That is something that defines us as students here at Ecole. None of us can  always be the best version of ourselves from the very beginning, I myself have faced failures just like everyone present here today and so I tell you, they mould us into becoming the person we see within ourselves. I may not score well in a test, I’ll work harder and score better next time, I had a bad day at school, no matter, I will pick myself up and experience a better one. What I want everyone to take away from what I have said today and something I would like everyone to think deeply about is that, the best of our future is yet to come, let’s not waste  today on being controlled by where we go wrong and work much harder to make failure itself a distant memory. All that is left to say, is that with the end of today, we go into our holidays, and for the next two months instead of stressing out about the year yet to come, have a little fun, relax, study a little maybe, and come back as the best version of yourself. Have a great summer!

 Frazer Fernandes

STUCO president 2017/18


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