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With a huge turnout and the younger grades buzzing with excitement, it was a huge success, especially for Green House, who was the overall winner 5079 points! Second came Blue House with 5012 points, and then Yellow House with 4629 points, who was closely followed by Red House with 4613 points.

Although the competition was undoubtedly fierce, students ranging from grade 6 to grade 12 enjoyed the fun of participating in an interactive activity that required and honed teamwork skills. Put best by Uday from Grade 7, the Maths Quiz made him “happy, happy, happy!”

The last round always caught everyone’s attention – the Rapid Fire Round. One member of each house sat in the hot seat and  answered questions about maths quickly, thinking on their feet. Ayesha, one of the Rapid Fire contestants from the grades 6 & 7, said that she was “excited but a little nervous” for the round.

Overall, the day was an exhibition of school and house spirit along with collaboration, which was noted by our Principal,          Ms. Lewthwaite, who said “It is wonderful to see Grade 11 and the teachers work together to support the younger students.”

Ms. Margaret, the Mathematics Head of Department, gives a huge thank you to “everybody participating and helping – it’s been a great event!”

A day of liveliness & collaboration it was indeed. Congratulations to Green House & until next year for the next Maths Quiz!

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