Play School

Prepare Your Child For An IB Education

Play School

Play is an important element of every child's development. When they play with other children of their age level, children learn to communicate, interact, express and improve their emotional and cognitive development.

The teachers at École Mondiale World School understand this very well which is why we place so much importance on developing your children's creativity. We aim to offer an exciting and varied program so that every child will, benefit and find their own talents recognised and skills developed.

At École Mondiale World School, we do this in a safe and secure environment which is almost like your child’s second home. Backed by an excellent student-teacher ratio of 6:1, every child is guided through this process of inquiry and well being.

We invite you to contact us and have your questions answered based on the the implementation of our programme.


Age Group: 2-3 Years School Timing: 09:00AM To 02:30PM(Optional-09:00Am To 01:30PM) Eligibility & Admission



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