Ecole Mondiale World School is the first International School in Mumbai to be authorised to offer the three programs of PYP, MYP and DP.

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Dear Parents

I take this opportunity to welcome you to Ecole Mondiale and hope that the information which follows will provide you with some useful insights into the possibilities that exist for your children in this wonderful school.

By the The Times of India, School Survey 2017
EMWS has been the second home to our children for the last 8 years. The teachers, environment, intra & inter school activities and the extended family of students has helped groom our children into confident, well rounded global citizens. We are proud that our 3 children are products of EMWS and have been selected by top rated universities that will catapult them into orbits of success through their focussed hard work and commitment. Our daughter, Roshni, joined in grade 7 and is now a Junior at Fordham University in NYC. Our son, Akhil, joined in grade 5 and is now a freshman at NYU, Stern Business school. We have our youngest son, Rohan, in grade 11 and look forward to a continued rock star experience for him!

- Arun And Meenakshi Jaura 2005
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Beach Cleanup

The Compete To Defeat team (Grade 11 students) organized a beach clean-up after the 5th Day and the last day of Ganesh Visarjan,
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“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.” That’s where public speaking plays a major role, and we all need to enhance this skill within ourselves to inform, motivate and entertain an audience, ranging from little students to adults.
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