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Admissions open for the academic year 2022-2023                        IB Continuum School

Mission, Vision & Aim

Mission, Vision & Aim


Providing a high-quality education that encourages resilient learners to explore, engage and excel, positively transforming the school, local and global communities.


To inspire our community to be inclusive and empathetic leaders who explore, engage and excel in an environment that celebrates diversity and contribute towards a peaceful and more sustainable world.


  • Enhance national and global awareness in our students
  • Provide an internationally recognized curriculum industry
  • Promote life-long learning that leads to positive and productive future citizenship industry
  • Facilitate an engaging programme that ensures that students acquire better skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Emphasize a balance in the lives of our students
  • Enhance cultural awareness in all its forms
  • Achieve a strong sense of self-worth
  • Promote fulfilment of creative talents and interests
  • Inculcate the importance of health and fitness
  • Achieve commitment of service for and to others
  • Nurture a sense of mutual understanding and appreciation while pursuing personal goals